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Tips for Reducing Fuel Theft at Your Logistics Hub

Posted by Sean Murphy on Aug 8, 2018

The number one cost every trucking and logistics company has is fuel. It is the lifeblood of the industry and accounts for nearly 30% of total expenses. Such a large investment needs to be protected, but as the price of oil increases so does the risk for fuel theft. According to Verizon Connect, refined fuel is more desirable than crude oil, because it is easier to sell for personal use. This makes trucks a prime target, mostly because they must park overnight in foreign areas.

As a logistics hub manager or owner, you need to ensure the trucks at your property are as secure as possible. One of the first things you can do to reduce fuel theft is to educate drivers about the dangers they can face from thieves. Discuss general truck security, like locking fuel tanks and ensuring the truck vehicle is properly secured. You can also explain how theft can impact job security and profitability.

Some logistics hubs have fuel stations on site, which can be very attractive to thieves. Be sure to turn off the fuel after-hours to cut off their access. Another proactive method is to fit fleet trucks with fuel sensors and anti-siphoning devices. These make it harder for thieves to gain access to fuel tanks.

You also want to make it as difficult as possible for anyone to enter your property undetected. Perimeter fences and bright lights make your yard more visible from the road and less attractive to thieves. In addition, surveillance cameras are an effective way to deter and even catch criminals in the act, especially when they are monitored in real time. Trained security operators watch live cameras equipped with video analytics software that will alert them when unusual activity is spotted. They can then activate a speaker warning and call local police.

Logistics companies need to be vigilant in helping to reduce fuel theft, which can increase operational expenses and decrease profitability. Management can add different levels of physical security deterrents, including working with a third-party video surveillance company. If you want to learn more about logistics security and video monitoring, click here.