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Tower Trespasser Caught on Remote Surveillance

Posted by Paul Gross on Dec 8, 2022

Construction sites are perceived as an easy target for trespassers and loiterers, due in large part to the perception that they are easily accessible and hidden from view of others. However, with remote video surveillance and monitoring, trespassers can be spotted and removed from a site quickly and  possibly before damages or liabilities impact your bottom line.

Just after 10:00 p.m., a Stealth security professional was alerted to a bald male individual wearing a black shirt and khakis accessing a Washington construction site. The operator followed client protocol, reaching out to the client to verify that they were not expecting any workers. Local law enforcement was contacted moments later, informed of the trespasser climbing the tower at the south part of the site, and they arrived within minutes. The officers placed the man under arrest and took him into custody.

Remote Video Surveillance Helps Secure Your Site Against Potential Liabilities

Not only are construction sites a veritable playground of potential liabilities, but they also offer a unique set of security challenges due to their ever-changing environment and layout.

Rather than waiting for thefts, vandalism, injury, or other criminal acts or liability issues to occur, remote video monitoring is a proactive security solution that can help deter unwanted activity.

Stealth’s customized live video surveillance monitoring solutions work in real-time, using a combination of technology and human intelligence. Our analytics-based cameras, which recognize activity – not just movement- are monitored by trained security professionals who can respond to anything suspicious of “off” by following client protocols, sounding alarms, or calling local law enforcement.

Construction liability issues are even better served by our proactive security solution thanks to our system health checks, video review, and analysis. If a liability concern or claim pops up, our team of analysts can locate relevant footage, edit it into a condensed clip, and provide you with a written summary. This makes presenting your insurance team, lawyers, or law enforcement with clear information easy on you.

Interested in learning more about our security solutions and how they can both help protect your jobsites from criminal activity and liability concerns? Contact us today for details.