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Trespasser Arrested After Breaking into Construction Storage Shed

Posted by Arun Mankotia on Sep 17, 2021

In September’s Construction Arrest of the Month Video, an individual gained access to an active construction site and rummaged through various piles of materials, broke into a shed and then attempted to escape by climbing over the perimeter fencing. Watch how our remote security operator handled the situation, which ended in the trespasser being intercepted by police.

A trained, remote Stealth Monitoring operator noticed an individual enter a construction site. The trespasser proceeded to a blue storage container and attempted to open its door, but it was locked.

The suspect then walked around the site and rummaged through different piles of materials around the blue storage container. The operator called to dispatch police and continued to follow the trespasser using a pan, tilt and zoom camera.

The suspect continued towards a small, white storage shed. He forced open the door and proceeded inside. After completing his search, he returned to the blue storage container and attempted to break in but was unsuccessful. He walked toward the fence line and exited the construction site.

He was met by a police officer on the other side of the fence. Two more officers arrived on scene to assist with the arrest.

Remote Video Monitoring Proactively Deters Unwanted Behaviors Taking Place Inside Breached Construction Site

Most active construction sites have some type of perimeter fencing to help prevent people from gaining access. This helps to prevent ill-intended activities such as theft or vandalism as well as accidents that can produce major liability issues. Sometimes, however, individuals do breach the fence and gain access to sites. This is where remote video monitoring comes into play to proactively help deter unwanted events.

Stealth Monitoring operators are extensively trained professionals who understand suspicious behaviors and activities to watch for on active construction sites. Additionally, our high-definition video cameras come with pre-programmed advanced video analytics that allows technology to filter video streams and detect certain activities without human intervention. When our technology recognizes an activity that needs human interaction to resolve quickly and effectively, it alerts one of our professional operators who then take over.

In the video above, when our operator was alerted from our advanced analytics of an individual prowling around and rummaging through materials on an active construction site, action was taken within the parameters of customized site protocols. The operator made the immediate decision to contact local police, therefore, this construction site’s assets were protected, and the trespasser was arrested.

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