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Trespasser Arrested After Piggybacking into Apartment Building

Posted by Matthew Clark on Feb 11, 2022

Stealth’s February 2022 Multifamily Arrest of the Month video shows a suspicious individual attempting to access residents’ apartments via their front doors. The individual then tried to hide from police in a common area, but to no avail. Stealth’s operator kept eyes on the situation until the suspect was handcuffed and in police custody.

At 10:30 p.m., a well-trained Stealth Monitoring security operator saw an individual roaming the outdoor hallway of a multifamily residential community. The individual tampered with several residents’ doors and tried to gain access to the elevator.

Our operator contacted the community’s guard. The individual exited the hallway as six police cruisers arrived. Officers exited their vehicles and proceeded to the community.

Our operator saw the individual walk through a common area of the community and attempt to hide in some foliage. Seven police officers surrounded the hiding suspect. The suspect emerged from the bushes on hands and knees, crawling toward gun-drawn officers. The perpetrator then lay down on his stomach. Officers rushed over and handcuffed him.

Officers led the handcuffed suspect to a police cruiser, placed him inside and drove off property.

Stealth Helps Create Atmosphere of Safety at Multifamily Communities

When suspicious individuals trespass onto multifamily residential communities and attempt to open the doors of residents to gain unauthorized access into their homes, it can not only be alarming and unsettling for the ones who are inside, but it can create an unsafe community atmosphere.

Above all, residents and potential residents need to feel
and be safe at the community they choose to call “home.” Stealth’s live remote video security solution can help increase safety at your community by watching your property when owners, managers and employees are not there and act to deter suspicious, criminal or unwanted activities.

As shown in this AOTM video, our technology enabled a highly trained Stealth security operator to get their eyes on a potentially dangerous situation. Through advanced video analytics pre-programmed onto cameras placed on the community’s property, our operator was able to see the individual and his behaviors and actions in real time. Had the trespasser gained access into a resident’s home, it is unknown the exact damage he could have caused.

No matter where he ventured throughout the community, our operator’s eyes were on him. Our operator watched the situation until police arrived, handcuffed the trespasser and placed him into a police cruiser, helping to make sure the situation was deterred.

Help keep your residents and community safe and secure from unwanted and unauthorized trespassers by deploying Stealth’s proactive video surveillance solution – trusted by hundreds of multifamily communities across North America – at your community. Contact our multifamily security specialists today!