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Trespasser Arrested at Dealership after Entering a Vehicle

Posted by Jeff Purtell on Nov 23, 2021

Vehicle dealerships’ merchandise is usually parked on open lots that are exposed to the public. In most cases, automotive dealerships are not even surrounded by perimeter fencing. Many use short gates to present an inviting customer experience, which is not enough to keep trespassers off the property after hours.

Stealth’s remote video monitoring security solution proactively detects people as they come onto lots while trained monitoring operators interact with each situation to help deter unwanted behavior while allowing authorized browsing activity to continue.

An individual was monitored by a trained Stealth security operator after analytics detected them walking onto a dealership’s lot after hours. The trespasser walked to an area with several parked vehicles. Our operator activated the onsite speaker warning, but the trespasser did not acknowledge it.

He opened the passenger-side door of a car and got inside. As they had violated the sites protocols, our operator called police dispatch and continued to watch the situation evolve. The trespasser exited the car, then opened and shut the passenger door of another nearby vehicle. The trespasser continued weaving through the parked vehicles and opening doors, getting inside and then closing the doors.

A police cruiser arrived and an officer exited to investigate the scene. He approached the trespasser who was sitting inside the driver’s side of a vehicle. After a conversation, the trespasser was arrested.

Technological and Human Eyes See Trespassers

It’s one thing to notice that someone has trespassed onto your dealership the next day when looking at video recordings. It could be a completely different outcome if you were able to do something about it while it’s happening. Stealth’s remote video monitoring security solution uses technology and human intelligence to “see” activity taking place on a lot and the intervene based on if that activity is authorized or not.

Our customized security solution works in real time to help catch trespassers as soon as they breach the perimeter and set foot in camera view on your dealership. Video analytics, coupled with our video surveillance cameras, enable the technology to detect that an actual activity – not just a motion – is in progress. If an activity that needs human interaction is identified, our operators are notified. Pre-established site protocols and standard operating procedures are used by operators to identify if the activity is suspicious, and if so, determine next steps to deter the activity.

As seen in this video, a seemingly innocent looking activity – an individual walking onto a lot – ended up needing intervention. Once our operator saw that he was tampering with merchandise, per the protocol, an onsite speaker warning was activated. When that didn’t deter the trespasser, our operator called police who quickly arrived onsite and arrested him. This resulted in successful deterrence of trespassing and potential damage or theft of vehicles.

Contact Stealth Monitoring’s automotive dealership specialists today for more information about deploying remote video monitoring on your lot to help deter trespassing, theft and damage.