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Trespasser Arrested in a Ditch on a Construction Site

Posted by Paul Gross on Nov 4, 2021

Buildings under construction. Port-a-potties. Shipping crates. Industrial barrels. What do all these have in common on construction sites? They all present uncommon hiding places for trespassers. Additionally, as a construction project moves toward completion, construction sites change and can provide other unique hiding places, such as dug-out ditches as seen in this video.

During night hours, two individuals approached the perimeter fence line of an active construction site in Ontario, Canada. Both climbed the chain-link-fencing material and jumped over, gaining unauthorized entry into the site. One of our trained Stealth Monitoring security operators contacted police. Our operator informed police of the suspects’ location and kept watch on the construction site.

After pausing to rummage through what appeared to be white plastic buckets, the two proceeded toward a building under construction. They remained out of camera view for a bit.

The suspects finally exited the building and were spotlighted by police officers who had arrived on the site. The two suspects ran back inside the building under construction and attempted to hide.

One of the suspects walked through the site. He eventually approached a perimeter fence and spoke with a police officer. The suspect attempted to slip through the gate, but was unable, so he climbed over the fence and into the custody of the officer who handcuffed the individual.

Meanwhile, the other suspect was being searched for by three officers. As the officers entered the building where the suspect was last known to be, the individual exited on the other side of the building and hid in a ditch. Two officers located the suspect and placed him in handcuffs.

Officers led both suspects off the construction site and placed them into police cruisers.

Trespassers Unable to Remain Unseen with Stealth Remote Video Monitoring

To create a safe and productive construction site, hours upon hours of planning is necessary. It involves high-value materials and equipment to be on the site and available when needed. Millions of dollars in machinery, tools, equipment and other materials can sit unused on sites for days, weeks and even months. These items can act as invitations to trespassers and thieves.

Responsibility and (im)possibilities. Whatever the reason for the trespass, construction company owners and operators have the duty and responsibility to identify and deter trespassing as quickly as possible, even though it’s impossible for them to be on-guard 24/7/365. Stealth Monitoring’s customized security solution for construction sites can provide the highest possible level of security and is typically 25-60% more cost effective than traditional security solutions.

Detect, recognize and identify. An event must be detected, recognized and identified to determine if it warrants a response. Our advanced video analytics are pre-programmed on high-definition video surveillance cameras from brands we trust and deploy on your site. These analytics allow technology to filter video streams to detect certain activities. Once our technology recognizes the activity, it then identifies whether the activity needs human interaction.

Human interaction. If human interaction is needed to analyze and determine next steps to deter an event taking place, our technology alerts one of our highly qualified, extensively trained Stealth monitoring operators who takes over.

Our operators follow a pre-determined protocol to help deter unwanted events. This can include activating on-site speaker warnings, contacting on-call managers and calling police or other authorities while continuing to watch the event as it progresses. In this way, our operators can record and communicate needed details to police – such as last seen location of suspects or what a suspect is wearing – so that a report is generated of the event for you and police are kept updated during, not after, an event.

Added benefit. Our remote video monitoring solution records and archives your site activities 24/7/365. This data is beneficial should your company find themselves in court.

We also have a highly trained video review team that can sift through all your recorded data to identify a particular event. They can send you a video snippet of the event as well as a detailed report. This can help you manage sub-trades and site activities so that projects are completed timely and within budget.

Contact us to deploy Stealth to watch your construction site in real time when you’re not there to help deter unwanted behaviors and help deflect any crimes resulting from those behaviors.