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Trespasser Breaks into Community Clubhouse

Posted by Rick Charney on Aug 18, 2020

How effective is your current security solution?

A Stealth Monitoring security operator witnessed an Individual forcing his way into the clubhouse of an apartment community in Dallas. Our operator contacted the police while the supervisor called the guard service to alert them of the incident. Officers arrived, then knocked on the window of the clubhouse. The suspect walked out and was escorted off the property in handcuffs.

How Does Your Current Security Solution Measure Up?

It’s no secret that if you can keep your community relatively crime-free, it will help improve resident retention and attraction. Many multifamily communities rely on security guards or patrols to keep watch over them. While having human presence on site to handle situations might sound like a great idea, relying on a guard as the sole security solution may not be the most effective option.

For one thing, a guard cannot be everywhere at the same time. Even if this person concentrates on the most problematic areas, he or she can still miss something that his happening in another part of the property. As you saw in the video, the guard was not in proximity of the clubhouse and therefore missed the suspect going inside.

Next, some guards from relationships with the people they are hired to protect. This includes apartment residents. Behavior like this could hinder the guard’s objectivity when it comes to activity involving their so-called “friends.”

Then there’s the financial factor. The average hourly rate for an unarmed guard is $16. That figure can be a littler higher if the guard is armed. Depending on how many hours a guard works, that $16 can add up very quickly, making it cost-prohibitive for some. It becomes even more so if you must hire additional guards to cover your entire property.

A More Effective Solution

With all the advancements in technology, some communities are augmenting or replacing traditional guards with live video monitoring. This proactive solution combines advanced analytics and technology with human intelligence to help identify and deter crime before it happens. There are many advantages to this solution:

  • Extensive site coverage: Security operators can cover many areas simultaneously and view them at any time. This greatly differs from guards who can only see what is in front of them.
  • Cost savings: Live video monitoring can save you up to 60% on your security spend.
  • Quicker response time: When our trained operators call police, it gives them confirmation that there is an incident happening in real time. This often results in much quicker response times since the police raise the priority level when they can verify activity in progress.
  • Continuous Watch During Monitoring Hours: Unlike a typical single security guard, the remote video service has an entire team that can monitor your cameras. Video cameras do not need breaks or sleep.
  • Recording Capabilities 24/7: In addition to monitoring during non-business hours, a remote video monitoring solution provides the added benefit of recording site activities 24/7.
  • Data and Video Request: Our trained specialists will review video and analyze data to respond to investigation requests more efficiently.

Time and again, live video surveillance has proven to be a successful crime deterrent and is a key advantage that will help your community stand out.

To learn more about live video monitoring and how this solution can save you money, decrease your liability and risk, and cover more ground than a traditional security guard, contact us.