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Trespasser Detained at Auto Dealership

Posted by Jeff Purtell on Jun 24, 2021

Any time something or someone causes damage to your inventory, it impacts your bottom line. In terms of lost margin and productivity, thefts can affect your operations beyond just the pure loss.

In this incident, an individual was observed walking around an auto dealership lot by a Stealth Monitoring security operator around 9:45 p.m. The trespasser roamed about, looking at various vehicles.

While at first this was not a cause for alarm, the trained professional continued to watch. At one point, the suspect approached a sports car and violently shook the trunk. Our operator called to dispatch police and directed them to the specific area of the lot where the activity took place.

Responding officers arrived moments later. They confronted the trespasser, then handcuffed him.

Be Proactive to Help Deter Unwanted Behavior

The best way help prevent theft of and damage to your valuable inventory is to be proactive and harden your site so that perpetrators will not attempt criminal activity.

Live video monitoring uses a combination of video analytics, customized site protocols and human intelligence to secure your site. Trained security personnel monitor analytics signals from surveillance cameras in real time when you’re not there to help deter unwanted behavior. They can activate a speaker warning to let the intruders know they are being watched, as well as dispatch local police if warranted. In most cases, officers will arrive while the suspects are still on or near the property.

If you’re interested in solutions-driven technology that provides interactive monitoring, operational optimization, as well as loss and damage deterrence, contact us.