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Trespasser Gives Shopping Carts a Beating

Posted by Rick Charney on Apr 20, 2020

In this month’s video, an erratic trespasser takes his aggression out on innocent shopping carts.

Shortly after midnight, our Stealth trained security operator observed an individual behind a Tucson shopping center acting erratically. He flipped over two empty shopping carts then ambled his way to the front of the property. The security operator activated the on-site speaker alert, but the suspect ignored the warning. Police were then contacted. Officers arrived minutes later and arrested the trespasser.

Deter Trespassers with Video Monitoring

When people trespass on your shopping center, they can interfere with its safe operations. Whether they are gang members, panhandlers or people under the influence, they can affect your brand’s reputation and ultimately your bottom line.

Live video monitoring has proven successful at helping to deter unwanted visitors and other criminal activity at shopping centers throughout North America. If someone enters the property without permission, a trained security operator, watching live cameras, can act immediately to help minimize damage.

Surveillance cameras can also help decrease liability claims if someone gets injured on your premises. Video footage can help prove that proper safety precautions were taken to create a safe environment.

For more information about proactive security solutions for your shopping center or other type of commercial property, contact us.