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Trespasser Hides Inside Large Traffic Cone Trying to Elude Police

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Jun 30, 2021

In general, trespassing onto a construction site is a crime in most states. The trespass could cost the construction company in terms of project completion time as well as monetary loss associated with possible theft of building supplies, equipment and more. Live, remote monitoring by Stealth trained operators can help keep construction sites safe and deter theft, help keep construction companies free from fault and project completion timelines on course.

At approximately 2:45 a.m., a trespasser was seen by a trained Stealth Monitoring operator walking across a construction site of a new apartment complex. Local police were immediately contacted and given a description of the individual.

Within minutes of the initial call, police cruisers arrived on site and police officers, along with a canine officer, began investigating the property. In the meantime, the trespasser hid inside of a large traffic cone. The trained operator called the local police number again and provided the last known location of the individual.

Police officers were able to find the trespasser hiding inside the cone, detain him, put on handcuffs and lead him to a police cruiser.

No Where to Hide with Live Monitoring

Utilizing technologies and human intellect to help deter trespassing that could lead to possible crime demonstrates devotion to safety and security on construction sites. Even if a construction company does not own a site, they are typically charged with taking proper steps to ensure people – authorized and unauthorized – entering the site stay safe to avoid liabilities. One of the steps in this process is to implement remote video monitoring.

High-definition surveillance cameras can cover key areas of construction sites. These cameras are monitored by trained security professionals located in a remote monitoring center. Should an operator witness any questionable activity, immediate action can be taken.

For trespassers seen through remote video monitoring, there really is no where they can hide. As demonstrated in the video, our operators are trained to keep their eyes on trespassers entering construction sites and take necessary action.

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