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Trespasser Learns Porta Potty is Poor Hiding Spot from Police

Posted by James Comfort on Sep 27, 2021

Construction sites contain numerous attractive nuisances that can lure trespassers. These include equipment, tools and valuable materials. Not only can these present dangers to the intruders, but they can also have costly consequences if they are stolen or damaged.

An individual was seen walking along the sidewalk in front of a Carlsbad, California construction site after hours. The suspect made his way into the site then continued to stroll around it. A trained Stealth Monitoring security operator was watching and called to dispatch local police.

Our operator continued to monitor the site and saw the trespasser walk towards some portable toilets, where he remained. When officers arrived, they knew right where to find the suspect since our operator had given them details about his location. After police placed the perpetrator in handcuffs, they walked him off the site and placed him into their police cruiser.

How to Help Keep Your Materials in and Trespassers Out

There’s no question that construction sites are dangerous places. They also contain expensive items that can be hard and very costly to replace. All of this makes it crucial to keep unwanted visitors on the outside of the fence.

Remote video monitoring combines human intelligence and video analytics to proactively monitor construction sites for unwanted and potentially dangerous behavior. Trained security operators, safely located in a remote monitoring center, use analytics-based surveillance cameras to watch construction sites in real time. When the analytics in the cameras pick up something suspicious, like a trespasser breaching the perimeter fence, it will alert the monitoring operator who can assess the situation and quickly react.

The operator can warn the trespasser with an on-site speaker warning, as well as call local authorities. Because police know we are watching live activity, they tend to elevate the priority of the call. As a result, our service facilitates more than 800 arrests every year.

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