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Trespasser Makes Eye Contact with Our Security Camera

Posted by Paul Gross on Jul 30, 2020

At 1:30 in the morning, a Stealth security operator saw an individual looking into one of our surveillance cameras located at a Washington construction site. Our operator immediately activated the on-site speaker warning. The suspect walked away.

Later that same night, the trespasser returned with another individual and jumped the fence. The monitoring operator contacted police and gave the dispatching officer all the pertinent details about the subject, as well as the contact information for the person responsible for the site.

Responding officers arrived and entered the site. They found their subjects and handcuffed them both. One was released while the other was taken into custody.

Your Liability for Trespassing

As a contractor or business owner, you are responsible for taking steps to keep visitors to your site safe, whether they are welcome or not. Warning signs are an inexpensive way to start, but you must take other measures to help protect your worksite. Here are just a few:

  • Secure all gates
  • Make sure fences cannot be easily climbed or cut
  • Place sturdy fences around dangerous areas
  • Store and lock all equipment, tools, materials, chemicals as well as all safety equipment
  • Keep the site well-lit

Help Deter Trespassers with Remote Video Monitoring

In addition to the measures listed above, you can help protect your assets and keep your site safe by installing a proactive security solution like remote video monitoring. Trained monitoring operators use analytics-based cameras which send alerts regarding activity at your site. If a threat is detected, the security operator can respond immediately by activating an on-site speaker warning and contacting local law enforcement.

The footage from the cameras will also provide evidence of what happened. Our team of analysts can review hours of footage and provide short, edited clips of any incident.

If you are interested in more information about how to help keep your construction site safe from trespassers and other potential premise liability issues, contact us.