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Trespasser Makes Pit Stop on Construction Site

Posted by Ryan Cox on Nov 22, 2021

Perimeter security solutions – fences and gates – can help keep your construction site secure. These are often not enough to deter trespassing, loitering, theft or vandalism, however, as individuals can find their way under, over or even through. The following video shows how Stealth helped deter a trespasser who simply walked through an open gate and onto an active construction site.

On an active Canadian construction site, a trained Stealth security operator saw an individual mosey into camera view through an opened main gate leading into the site. The individual proceeded toward a building under construction and exited camera view. Our operator contacted police to report onsite trespassing.

The individual returned into camera view and made a quick pit stop inside the portable toilet. Afterwards, the trespasser returned to the unfinished building. Our operator informed dispatch of the suspect’s location.

Police officers arrived on site and intercepted the suspect, resulting in arrest.

Remote Video Monitoring Can Reveal to Trespassers They are Being Watched

Construction site trespassers seldom realize or even consider that they could be being watched. In the guise of night, these types of criminals can sneak onto your construction site searching for valuable items, equipment or materials to steal or vandalize; looking for an inconspicuous place to loiter; or to simply use as a shortcut while walking. Whatever the reason, the results could be disastrous.

Stolen or vandalized equipment and materials can cost thousands of dollars to repair and replace. Loiterers and people just passing through could accidentally sustain injury in which you could be held liable.

Our remote monitoring security solution, customized for the construction industry, never stops or takes a break from monitoring your site. Not only are we always watching during monitoring hours, but our solution records activities 24/7, providing video documentation of site activities.

Stealth’s solution can detect and spur immediate action to help deter and deflect unwanted activities in-progress on your construction site. Real-time activities are captured on high-definition video surveillance cameras placed on your site. These cameras are programmed with our advanced video analytics that filter streams of live video to detect certain activities. No humans needed.

When the technology identifies an activity that is out of its scope of identification, a highly qualified, trained Stealth Monitoring security operator takes over to analyze the situation and act, if necessary. For example, our operators can activate onsite, audible speaker warnings.

Sometimes, when a trespasser realizes they are being watched, this is enough to make them leave. Other trespassers are more daring. They hear the audible warning, choose to ignore it, and continue with their activities. Therefore, our operators can also call local authorities – police, fire, EMT – or on-call managers or supervisors should the situation need such intervention.

To get more details about how Stealth’s customized security solution can help deter trespassing, loitering and theft on your construction site, contact our specialists.