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Trespasser Slips Through a Gap in Construction Site Perimeter Fencing

Posted by Arun Mankotia on Sep 30, 2021

Construction sites face many security risks. Among them are fires, trespassing and theft. In addition to the cost of the stolen or damaged materials, the loss might also include project delays, as well as liability issues if someone gets injured while on the property.

In this video, a Stealth Monitoring security operator was monitoring an analytics-based surveillance camera and saw an individual approach the gate of a construction site in Hamilton, Ontario. The suspect squeezed through an opening between the two panels of the gate and entered the site. Once inside, the trespasser went into a building under construction and remained out of camera view.

Our trained monitoring operator called to dispatch police and gave them details about the suspect’s whereabouts. As the suspect was exiting the site, he was met outside the fence by a police officer who placed him in handcuffs. Two more officers appeared inside the site. After searching the building and the trespasser’s backpack, the three police and the suspect left the scene.

Help Mitigate Risk and Loss with Remote Video Monitoring

Idle construction sites are prime targets for trespassing, vandalism and theft. In addition to proper lighting, signage and making sure the site is free of significant hazards and equipment is locked and stored properly, you can help safeguard your assets with remote video monitoring.

This proactive security solution involves installing cameras, motion sensors and/or other technology to view sites remotely from a centralized monitoring station. The cameras are used by professionally trained operators to view the site after hours on evenings, weekends and holidays and record on-site for 24/7. The monitoring operators can continuously view a live feed from the site, thereby giving authorities the real-time information they need to make the best decisions and guarantee the best possible response time.

As you saw in the video, officers arrived while the suspect was still on the site, making it much easier to render an arrest. In addition to real-time monitoring, the system will continue to record and store all activities. This is especially useful in police and insurance investigations.

If you would like more information about remote video monitoring for your next project, contact us.