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Trespasser Treks Through Snow on Construction Site

Posted by Natalie Pettus on Feb 10, 2023

What could potentially make a construction jobsite even more dangerous for someone to wander who shouldn’t be there in the first place? A thick blanket of snow, of course! In this Arrest of the Month video, a trespasser treks through a thick blanket of snow in order to access a construction site where Stealth had an eye on things.

Late night in Colorado, a Stealth security professional spotted an individual entering a snow-covered construction site, walking past the fences and heading toward the buildings under construction outside of camera view. Police dispatch was contacted, and officers arrived quickly, searching the site, and ultimately arresting the suspect. Police removed them from the site and placed them into a police cruiser.

Help Protect Your Jobsites from Trespassing and Liability Risks with Remote Video Monitoring

There are hundreds of reasons why construction managers and builders don’t want trespassers on their jobsites- vandalism, liability risks, theft of materials, theft of equipment, property damages- you name it.

Liability concerns are generally top-of-mind for those managing a jobsite. While there are few situations that can be more of a risk than a person who has no business being on a construction site while not wearing the proper protection- there is one thing that can escalate that risk: the entire jobsite is covered in a blanket of snow, reducing obstacle visibility. Thankfully, in the above situation, the jobsite was being remotely monitored by Stealth.

Remote video monitoring is a proactive security solution that can help intercept, deter, and disperse thieves, vandals, and other liability risks in real time.

For a jobsite, you’ll need more than the traditional security measures to help reduce risks. Layers of security solutions work best to effectively secure a jobsite, and adding in a proactive, customizable solution like Stealth’s remote video monitoring can be the key. Using a combination of analytics-based camera surveillance and the human intelligence of trained security professionals, remote video monitoring can spot suspicious or unwanted activity on your property or jobsite as it happens, responding with audible alarms and police contact when needed.

Another benefit of Stealth’s remote video monitoring solution? It’s designed to work with your changing jobsite, with cameras that can be adjusted as the project progresses. If you’d like to learn more about this innovative security solution and how it can save you up to 60% on security spend while reducing risks, contact us today. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187