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Trespasser with Headlamp Caught Stealing Tires from Dealership

Posted by James Thompson on Feb 11, 2022

Thieves tend to target assets that are easy to steal and have high resell value. Tires fit both of those characteristics.

In this month’s Auto Arrest of the Month video, we caught a tire thief on foot, hand rolling tires toward the gate of a dealership. Because of our operator’s quick intervention, police officers arrived while the intruder was still on the property, caught him in the act, and the tires never left the dealership. Watch what happens at the end.

At night, a highly trained Stealth security operator noticed an intruder walk onto a dealership’s property. The trespasser walked to the back of the property into a blind spot. Moments later, the individual emerged, rolling two used tires by hand along the pavement.

Our operator activated the on-site speaker warning. The intruder failed to comply, so our operator contacted police. Our operator then saw the individual rolling and tossing tires toward the front gate of the dealership.

Minutes later, two police cruisers arrived. Officers emerged from their vehicles and intercepted the intruder. All three walked back toward the blind spot seemingly to return the tires to their original spot. Stealth provided requested video footage of this incident to the local police department.

Stealth’s Remote Video Monitoring Proven an Effective Deterrent Against Tire Theft

Resale of stolen tires is a $1 million per year industry, according to a spokesman for the Tire Industry Association. Dealerships are prime locations for tire theft, not only from vehicle inventory but also new and used tires stored on the lot. In other words, there are tires aplenty for thieves to steal.

Stealth’s remote video security solution, tailored for dealerships, is proven-effective at deterring tire thieves. As seen in the video linked above, our operator quickly identified the suspicious intruder before he was able to locate and attempt to steal the tires.

Our solution uses advanced video analytics on pre-programmed high-definition cameras installed throughout the dealership allowing highly trained operators to see activity in real time. The operator watched as the intruder walked out of camera view, empty handed, and minutes later, back into camera view, rolling tires, one with each hand toward the lot’s gate. Our operator immediately accessed the dealership’s protocols and following step one, activated the on-site audio warning. The intruder ignored it and our operator moved on to step two – contact police.

Because of the efficient timing of our proactive solution, police officers arrived while the intruder was still on the property and theft was in progress.

Contact our auto security specialists today to discuss our tailored remote video monitoring solution. We will identify the best locations to place our cameras to create an effective monitoring plan that will protect highly vulnerable spots on your lot to deterring tire theft.