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Trio of Car Prowlers Caught in a California Apartment Parking Garage

Posted by Alex Godwin-Austen on Sep 6, 2022

Parking garages, especially those at multi-family residential buildings are extremely tempting for criminals. Dozens of cars in one place, and likely for the night? Thieves and vandals see them as a potential cash grab.  

Just after midnight, an individual was seen in an apartment parking garage pulling on car door handles. Moments later, a dark SUV pulled into the garage and parked. A person clad in a red hoodie exited the vehicle and joined his cohort in a car prowling escapade.  

Our monitoring operator, who was watching the activity as it was unfolding, called to dispatch local authorities. Police were on the scene within minutes. One officer was seen questioning the two suspects while a second officer was interacting with someone sitting in the backseat of the Jeep. After careful scrutiny, the police took one of the car prowlers into custody and directed the other individuals to leave the area. 

Help Deter Thieves and Prowlers at Your Apartment Parking Facilities with Live Video Monitoring 

Property managers know their residents depend on them to keep common areas like parking facilities safe and secure. When residents feel that their property can be stolen or damaged when left in their parking area, they may choose not to continue living in that building. 

With parking garages being such a high-value target for criminals, adding a proactive security solution like live video monitoring just makes sense.  

Live video monitoring helps to reduce and deter crime throughout your property through the placement of surveillance cameras in places that are commonly subject to suspicious activity, like parking garages, laundry facilities, pool areas, gyms, and so on. With our trained security operators watching those feeds in real time, suspicious behavior can be spotted and acted on more quickly. 

Much like in the video above, our operators can contact police when they spot someone lurking around your multi-family property parking facilities. Law enforcement officers typically respond more quickly to reports of suspicious activity in progress that’s backed up with live footage. Calls can result in a rapid response, meaning officers often arrive while the suspects are still in the area.  

If you are interested in learning more about how live video monitoring can help protect the residents and property in your multifamily community, contact us to discuss your specific needs now.