Two Break-Ins at One Retail Center Lead to an Arrest

Posted by Rick Charney on July 20, 2020

In this month’s video, our security operators observed and acted upon two separate break-ins at the same property on the same night.

In this video, multiple individuals approached a boarded-up store at a Washington, DC retail center. They pried a piece of the plywood off one of the windows and went inside. Moments later, many exited with merchandise in-hand. The action was repeated several times.

One of our trained security operators was watching and called police.

Many of the suspects fled before police arrived. However, while officers were in route, a second break-in was seen at the same location. Again, the suspects entered the building and took merchandise. Our operator notified police dispatch of the activity. Officers arrived and went inside the business. One individual was taken into custody.

The Risk of Retail Theft

If you own a business, especially a retail store or center, you might become a victim of a burglary, or at least an attempted one. Retail centers are prime targets for crime, especially when they are vacant. Property owners who don’t have an effective security solution in place, can put themselves at risk for serious loss.

Help Reduce Retail Theft with Live Video Monitoring

Thieves don’t like being caught on camera. So, sometimes the mere presence of cameras is enough to deter crime. However, there is a better way to elevate the value of those cameras while helping to minimize liability and increase the chances of catching criminals in the act.

Live video monitoring uses a combination of video analytics and human intelligence to watch for activity in real time. Trained security operators can activate speaker warnings at unwanted trespassers and call police with live reports on criminals. Coverage areas include storefronts, parking structures, back alleys and rooftops. Plus, this proactive solution is up to 60% more cost-effective than traditional guards.

If you would like more information about a live video monitoring for your retail center or other commercial property, contact us.

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