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What Construction Sites Are Doing to Prepare for Hurricane Florence

Posted by Steve Mansell on Sep 12, 2018

Cities across the east coast of the United States are preparing for Hurricane Florence. According to the governor of North Carolina, this hurricane is a monster, is extremely dangerous and life-threatening. Weather forecasts predict landfall early Friday morning and it should move slowly once it does, dumping up to 30 inches of rain in some areas.

Maryland is also in the potential path of Hurricane Florence. The state is preparing for the possible effects of the storm. Construction site employees have secured equipment on their properties to prevent materials from flying during high-winds.

Other states have also announced mandatory actions to prep for Hurricane Florence. The West Virginia governor ordered the suspension of all construction projects. The Charlotte Observer published an article about construction cranes and their risks during the storm.

Cranes are a common site in Charlotte, North Carolina and are at risk of being struck with high winds from the hurricane. Tower cranes, which are installed at construction sites, are designed to spin like a weather vane during extreme winds. One manufacturer told their clients to make sure there isn’t anything like a banner or sign attached to the crane, so it can spin freely. The foundation of the carne must also be clear and pumped out of any water. The Charlotte area has about a 40% chance of experiencing tropical storm-force winds.

High winds are just one concern during a hurricane. Water is one of the biggest causes of property damage on construction sites. Temporary or permanent drainage systems should be installed and inspected before a hurricane hits landfall.

Because rain and flood water can enter an unfinished building through windows, doors and roofs, it’s important to refrain from installing drywall, flooring and other types of finished product. Construction workers can install these products once the structures are sealed and secure.

Hurricane Florence has the makings of a devastating storm. If you would like additional information about how to protect your construction site during times of extreme weather, contact us here.