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Who’s Guarding Your Security Guards?

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Jul 30, 2021

No doubt about it, security guards and courtesy officers who take their profession seriously have positive impacts on the security of multifamily communities. However, should guards choose not to perform or become lax toward their work duties, they can become expensive liabilities. The following videos demonstrate when relying solely on security guards can be a hazard to your multifamily community’s overall security plan.

On-Duty Security Guard Walks into Closet to Nap

The keen eye of a Stealth security monitoring operator noticed an on-duty security guard walk into a maintenance closet. The guard paused for a few seconds then laid down on the concrete floor and went to sleep.

Security Guard Does Donuts in Golf Cart at Night

Instead of patrolling a multifamily community to ensure no suspicious activity was in progress, a security guard was observed by our trained monitoring operator using the community’s golf cart for a “joy ride.” He drove the cart in continuous circles through the community’s parking lot.

Overcoming Potential Liabilities and Limitations of Security Guards

Having a person on-site to take care of suspicious activities or events in real time does sound appealing, but there are some limitations to be aware of that can be resolved with live, remote video monitoring.

Security guard and courtesy officer limitations can include:

  • Inaccessibility: a single person cannot be everywhere on your property at the same time.
  • Guard error: the guard or officer may act inappropriately or escalate a situation unnecessarily.
  • Financial: can be cost prohibitive to employ security guards/courtesy officers.

Positioning the human element with technology that is continuously evolving and becoming more effective, efficient and cost effective can augment or replace traditional security guards/courtesy officers. Giving security professionals the training they need to identify suspicious events and behaviors along with the ability to view on-site security cameras by leveraging start-of-the-art technology remotely, crimes can typically be identified and deterred before they happen on your multifamily community.

Live, remote monitoring by trained Stealth security operators helps combat limitations and adds more advantages to your multifamily community security strategy in the following ways:

  • Thorough site coverage: Our trained operators can cover many areas of your multifamily community and view them at the same time from vantage points that may be impossible for on-site guards to access.
  • Quicker response time: Our operators see suspicious activity as it happens and can verify an incident in progress which can result in police raising the priority level and arriving on-site faster.
  • Video analytics: We set priorities on your community’s cameras to determine what views and disturbances receive a response level that can help our trained operators make immediate, effective decisions for your unique community.
  • Financial: A virtual Stealth guard costs approximately ¼ of the price for an on-site guard.

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