Wireless Security Camera Systems vs. A Security Guard Service

Posted on July 26, 2018

The security challenge at construction sites is difficult. Unlike other businesses, these sprawling properties are likely to be filled with expensive materials that cannot be easily locked down at night. While some construction site companies utilize on-site security guards, many are opting for a more technologically-advanced alternative – a wireless security camera system.

There are various components to a wireless security camera system, the most obvious being the cameras themselves. These IP security cameras are weather-resistant and have night-vision capabilities. Some are even thermal imaging cameras which are beneficial in certain situations to detect heat and help prevent costly damage from fires that are potential hazards on construction sites.

A wireless security camera system that is monitored typically uses a combination of video analytics and human intelligence. Video analytics is a built-in software that makes it possible to filter video and automatically detect certain activities without human intervention. When a defined event is detected, a security operator is notified. These operators are the human intelligence aspect of the system. They are trained to see and react to suspicious activity. When they are notified of anything out of the ordinary, they can analyze the situation and take appropriate action. Video analytics makes it possible for trained security operators to watch multiple areas of a construction site at one time, often monitoring from better vantage points than an on-site guard and covering areas that may be inaccessible to them.

The word “trained” is a very distinct difference between a security operator and an on-site guard. There are no standard training processes for security guards in the United States or Canada. In a previous article, we explored how severe the lack of training and screening can impact a property.

All the points listed above often make a wireless security camera system a more affordable alternative than a security guard service. There are typically fewer operational expenses and they cover more areas, even during severe weather and extreme temperatures. Crime doesn’t take a break and neither do security operators who will continue to monitor your site from a safe remote location.

When it comes to protecting your construction site, there are many options to consider. A wireless security camera system is an affordable, effective and comprehensive solution. If you have any questions about customized wireless security camera systems for construction sites, contact us.

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