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What’s the Latest on Marijuana Legislation in 2021?

In 2000, Colorado approved the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Then in 2012, it approved it for recreational use. Today, only 14 states remain…

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Cannabis Compliance: 4 Things You Need to Protect Your Business

Great news for the cannabis business. It’s one of the fastest-growing job markets in the U.S. as reported in Forbes. That’s not all. Leafly’s 2020…

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Will Cannabis in Texas Be Legal Soon?

The cannabis industry has been keeping an eye on states that have yet to legalize it. They want to be ready to move when the…

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Dispensary Looting: What You Need to Know

Many cities around the U.S. held peaceful protests in response to George Floyd’s killing. In some places it led to civil unrest filled with rioting…

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How Video Surveillance Can Help with Staffing Shortages

Staffing shortages are one of the unfortunate side effects of the pandemic. That’s because companies are scrambling to do what is needed to stay in…

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