How to Safely Reopen A Construction Site After COVID-19

Posted by Kirk Biddle on July 2, 2020

Jobsite safety has always been a major objective on construction sites. Since the onset of COVID-19, that concern has become even more heightened, especially as sites begin to reopen. A recent study commissioned by Steve Adler, the mayor of Austin, Texas, found that if jobsites…

Parking Lot Skateboarder is Potential Liability

Posted by Mark Mariotti on June 30, 2020

Premises liability is a real concern for business owners. The legal concept holds them responsible for any injuries that occur on their property, especially if they were preventable.

How Has COVID-19 Impacted Supply Chain Theft?

Posted by Sean Murphy on June 25, 2020

In the first quarter of 2019, there was relatively little change in the number of supply chain thefts compared to 2018. There were 132 in 2018 and 131 in 2019. Fast forward to 2020, a year completely disrupted by the COVID-19 global pandemic, and that number jumps over 50…

Video Monitoring Helps Stop Construction Trespasser

Posted by Paul Gross on June 22, 2020

In this month’s video, a trespasser wanders around a Seattle site and right into the arms of the police.

Criminal Caught Crawling Under Cars

Posted by Tammy Miller on June 22, 2020

In this month’s video, a suspect is seen searching under parked cars with a flashlight.

Locked Doors and Live Video Monitoring Are Enough to Stop a Loiterer

Posted by Rick Charney on June 22, 2020

In this month’s video, a suspect is seen tampering with locked doors at a shopping center. The only one she could access was in a police car.

Theft at Cannabis Facility

Posted by Scott Cook on June 17, 2020

There’s no question, cannabis security is important. For compliance, for safety and for security.

Car Crime -Pilfering in the Parking Lot

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on June 15, 2020

Based on annual car theft statistics from 2007-2016, a motor vehicle is stolen every 6.5 minutes in the United States. How can you help keep your parking lot from contributing to this statistic?