The Evolution of Video Surveillance

Posted by Melissa Parsons on February 26, 2020

When George Orwell published the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four in 1949, who knew that it would describe video surveillance through devices like two-way telescreens or two-way televisions that we would see something like that today? In the story, the residents of Oceania…

This Is What Artificial Intelligence Will Do for Video Surveillance

Posted by Melissa Parsons on February 24, 2020

A simple video surveillance system captures what the camera sees. To spot suspicious activity requires someone to watch the cameras or analysts who know how to watch hours of footage to find issues. AI has exploded in the last decade and now it has found its way in video…

How to Avoid Paying the High Price of False Alarms

Posted by Jay Thomas on February 21, 2020

Have you ever had a false alarm in your office or apartment building? It's quite a common problem. In fact, research from the Arizona State University Center for Problem-Oriented Policing reveals that between 94 and 98 percent of alarm calls are false. (The number varies based…

Connect with Stealth Monitoring at the ICSC Mid-Atlantic Conference & Deal Making

Posted by Matthew Clark on February 19, 2020

The team of retail and shopping center security experts from Stealth Monitoring will be on-hand at the ICSC Mid-Atlantic Conference & Deal Making, March 2nd and 3rd, in National Harbor, Maryland. We will be at Booth 324. Stop by and let us show you how our proactive live…

What Security for Construction Sites Is the Best Option?

Posted by Kirk Biddle on February 18, 2020

Copper theft costs the construction industry an average of $1 billion every year according to a Department of Energy report. National Equipment Register reports construction site theft costs a yearly average of $400 million. Note that the $400 million does not include stolen…

Construction Site Fence Hopper Stopped in His Tracks

Posted by Peter Koutsogiannopoulos on February 18, 2020

In this video, an individual hopped the fence of a Montreal construction site.

Stealth Monitoring at Build Expo Los Angeles

Posted by Kirk Biddle on February 18, 2020

The security specialists from Stealth Monitoring were in attendance at Build Expo Los Angeles. The event was a wonderful opportunity for industry professionals to network and learn about new techniques, information and strategies. Seminar and workshop topics included, Closing…

Cleaning Up Corrupt Laundry Room Activity

Posted by Eric Nauta on February 18, 2020

Apartment laundry rooms tend to attract people who aren’t always conducting themselves appropriately.