6 Ways to Deter Crime When It's on the Rise

Posted by Shawna Ivy on August 9, 2022

Many companies are laying off their employees. Inflation has been a thorn for a while. These and many other signs indicate a recession is coming. Unfortunately, when the economy tanks and inflation skyrockets, crime soars. An article from Reuters on crime provides evidence that…

Homeless Individual Behaving Erratically in Front of Shopping Center

Posted by Rick Charney on August 8, 2022

Homelessness is not a crime. However, many of the issues associated with it can increase danger and threat levels for shopping centers. Inevitably, property owners and operators are facing pressures to provide better protection for their tenants and customers.

Construction Theft Data You Need to Know About

Posted by Ryan Palmer on August 5, 2022

Thanks to the price of materials reaching an all-time high along with inflation and the supply chain mess, construction theft continues to plague the industry. On top of this, equipment rental fraud and thefts have been rising since 2018 according to a Verisk National Equipment…

Remote Video Monitoring Leads Police to Construction Trespasser

Posted by Neil Goulding on August 4, 2022

Trespassers on a construction site might seem like just a harmless annoyance. However, they can cause great damage to your project as well as themselves.

Group Caught Dumpster Diving Behind Shopping Center

Posted by Rick Charney on August 3, 2022

Dumpster diving has been growing in popularity. While there are still those out there who do it to find food, clothing and other necessities for survival, there is a growing number of people who are doing it for thrill of making money. To them, the possibility of cashing in big…

Bicycle Rider Trespasses on Construction Site and Gets Arrested

Posted by Natalie Pettus on August 2, 2022

When people trespass on a construction site, they could impact the project in several ways. All which can cause increased expenses and delays. Without a plan in place to help protect your valuable assets, you could be a sitting target for loss and damage.

Car Theft Statistics You Need to Know About

Posted by Alex Godwin-Austen on August 1, 2022

The news isn't good. The U.S. continues to experience a steep increase in catalytic converter and car thefts. Here is the data you must know that drives the need to protect the vehicles in your parking lot or dealership. Car Theft Statistics There's no sugarcoating it. A Car and…

Police Chase Down Trespassers at Auto Dealership

Posted by Amy Hite on July 29, 2022

When it comes to protecting its inventory and other valuable assets, automotive dealerships face a range of threats. From vehicle or catalytic converter parts theft and vandalism to employee and customer safety, it’s crucial for dealerships to have a reliable and effective…