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Group Tampering with Electrical Box Caught on Cameras at Arizona Multifamily Community

At approximately 3:45 am, Stealth security professionals were alerted to suspicious activity near one of the electrical boxes onsite at an Arizona multifamily residential community.

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Live Video Monitoring Leads to Vehicle Tampering Charges for Dealership Trespasser

At roughly a quarter after 11:00 pm, a Stealth monitoring operator was alerted to suspicious activity onsite at an automotive dealership.

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Stealth Security Professionals Spot Arizona Vehicle Burglar on Live Surveillance

Just after 2:30 in the morning, alert Stealth security professionals observing an Arizona multifamily residential community’s parking lot observed an individual on a bicycle

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Pair Caught on Cameras Climbing into Window of Alabama Multifamily Property

At approximately 12:43 a.m., Stealth security professionals monitoring an Alabama multifamily residential community were alerted to unusual activity.

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Audible Alarms Effectively Drive Off Afterhours Pool-Goers

At approximately 10:34 pm, and after posted pool usage hours, Stealth security professionals monitoring a multi-family residential community spotted several individuals in the pool area.

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