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Baltimore Area Car Theft Ring Stopped with Help from Stealth’s Live Video Monitoring

Four young individuals, three teenagers and a young adult, respectively, are under arrest and facing charges related to several vehicle thefts in the Howard County…

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What Are the Effects of Inflation on Construction?

According to NextAdvisor, inflation hit a 40-year high in December 2021. Everyone and every industry have been touched by the side effects of inflation. This…

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Residential Parking Garage Lurker Busted on Camera

At 2:32 am, a Stealth Monitoring security operator spotted someone breaking into and accessing the parking facilities of an apartment community.

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4 Top Security Trends for 2023

The previous year has been one of fluctuation thanks to inflation, supply chain problems, and the shortage of workers across industries. As leaders look ahead…

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Major Construction Materials Heist Thwarted in North Carolina

Long after work had stopped for the day on a Charlotte, North Carolina construction site, alert Stealth security operators noticed something unusual.

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