An ATM Security System Did Not Stop Smash and Grab

Posted by Rick Charney on November 1, 2017

A commercial site's ATM security system was unable to deter or prevent a smash-and-grab robbery in Pennsylvania. The thieves damaged a shopping center to gain access to the ATM. Since the article was published, the thieves have not been caught.

A Pennsylvania shopping center had a video camera strategically placed near an ATM. Live video monitoring was not reported. The suspects stole a 2005 Chevrolet from a nearby country club. The stolen vehicle had a snowplow and a salt spreader attached. According to the ATM security video, the thieves attached one end of a chain to the ATM and the other end to the stolen Chevrolet.

Less than a minute later, the ATM security video showed the thieves pulling the ATM machine out of the door. The smash-and-grab robbery resulted in an unreported amount of property damage and a loss of $14,000 cash from the machine. Later that day, the stolen vehicle and part of the equipment used in the smash-and-grab robbery were found. The ATM cash box was not recovered.

The local authorities said that smash-and-grab robberies happened across the entire state. Other incidents included smash-and-grab robberies involving small ATM machines located inside restaurants and delis.

This shopping plaza is not a Stealth client.

One Dallas, Texas client, however did have our ATM security solution.

A Chevrolet pickup truck loitered at a shopping center parking lot. The truck reversed into the storefront of a grocery store twice, in an attempt to uproot the ATM.

Two suspects ran out of the vehicle and tried to clear a path for the ATM. The ATM security operator activated an on-site speaker. The suspects attempted to flee but the security operator called the authorities and the Dallas Police arrived within a few minutes. Video evidence supplements police calls. It verifies that the activity is a crime in progress.

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