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Car Video Security Could Have Prevented $250,000 Car Theft in Georgia

Posted by Norm Charney on Apr 18, 2018

Car video security is important to high-end dealerships. It can help protect assets and employees from assault, burglary, and theft. If this Audi dealership had car video security, it could have prevented a car theft at this Georgia property .

Thieves drove two cars worth a total of $250,000 right off of the property of a car dealership in Gwinnett County, which is part of the Atlanta Metro area. The criminal activity was identified as key-swapping. Key-swapping thefts occur when car thieves switch dummy keys with car dealership keys.

A car video security camera recorded the thieves. The fist criminal walked onto the dealership service department at about 7:30am and purchased a battery for a key fob. After the purchase, this suspect was unsupervised. He casually walked into the show room before business hours and made his way to a sales rep’s desk. After he rummaged through the desk, he grabbed two sets of Audi keys. This criminal left the car dealership in what may have been a Ford Taurus.

Later that day, the suspect returned with an accomplice. It was reported that they walked around the car dealership. While they were walking, they kept pressing the key fobs until they heard the sound of the unlocking doors. Once the cars were identified, both of the thieves drove off the Audi dealership parking lot.

The suspects have not been caught. Security guards and proactive car video security surveillance were not reported at this Audi dealership.

This incident may have been part of an elaborate luxury car theft ring. Several dealerships in the Atlanta-area were impacted. This included Audi and Jaguar vehicles. After the car was driven off the lot, the vehicles identification numbers were altered and eventually sold.

This problem is not isolated in just Atlanta, Georgia. Different areas in the United States have also been impacted. It is a reoccurring event in Florida. Luxury car thefts happened in broad day light. Audi and Jeep models were stolen from different dealerships. The General Manager at a Jeep Dealership noted that the thieves knew what they were doing. The Key-swap theft was done so easily.

None of these dealerships were clients of Stealth Monitoring.

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