Cargo Theft Prevention at Dallas Industrial Park

Posted by Sean Murphy on September 14, 2015

Cargo theft prevention is a critical concern for trucks, warehouses, and distribution centers. A Dallas, Texas industrial park is one of the largest in the country. It's become a magnet for thieves. One of the things that makes this industrial park in DFW so popular with businesses is its proximity to four major highways. Interstates 20 and 30, along with State Highways 161 and 360, cross through the city of Grand Prairie. Unfortunately, those same Dallas highways attract cargo theft because of the rich source of potential targets and the ease of making a quick getaway for thieves with their stolen loot.

Up until recently, California was the leader in cargo thefts nationwide; Texas now holds that dubious honor. North Texas, in particular, where Dallas is located, has seen a dramatic increase in the number of thefts taking place because of the number of highways and the sheer number of trucks traveling them. The problem of cargo theft has grown so much that the Grand Prairie police department now has a unit dedicated to cargo theft prevention.

A Grand Prairie Council member is also an insurance agent who is happy that the city is taking a proactive stance in the matter of cargo theft prevention. He pointed out that theft of expensive goods affects more than just the company which was victimized. It also affects the insurance carrier and ultimately the consumer who has to pay higher prices for the products they buy to cover the losses incurred through theft. He also pointed out that the cargo thefts affect the businesses by forcing them to pay higher insurance premiums. Higher insurance premiums are also passed along to the consumer; just another way in which the general, law-abiding public in Dallas is also victimized by these thieves.

Grand Prairie Police Chief commented in this article that “We understand how important industry is in this city and whenever cargo theft occurs, it has a huge negative effect on our citizens.” Besides the losses to the Dallas company which was robbed, there are other problems associated with the thefts: lost revenue for local Dallas businesses, lost tax revenue for the city and state, and potential danger to citizens through the actions, direct or indirect, of the thieves.

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