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Clovis CA gets citywide video surveillance right

Posted by Amy Hite on Aug 29, 2014

Photo courtesy Clovis PD

A retired Clovis police department captain shares the city’s learning experience. Clovis has 100,000 people in 23 square miles. The city considers itself the safest city in Central California and wanted to stay that way. Their network started with 8 cameras to record video of traffic entering the town. It’s since grown to 180 cameras.

According to the article, comprehensive design, analysis, and installation are critical.

  1. Define exactly what you want to accomplish
  2. Evaluate other installations
  3. Select one integrator
  4. Make sure the system is scalable
  5. Seek partners. Clovis partners include a shopping center, local companies, banks, school district, and other city government departments
  6. Written policy should addresses appropriate use, privacy issues, auditing and video retention
  7. Train staff before deployment

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