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Construction Time Lapse Video – The Hidden Benefits

Posted by Amy Hite on Apr 7, 2017

Construction time lapse video has been used as powerful promotional tool for years. The ability to market property developments via slick videos has added a wow factor to sales pitches. But are you aware of the business benefits of time lapse cameras?

Construction time lapse video can document video surveillance and provide a live camera view of property development. Time lapse video can be generated during daylight hours or the full 24 hour day. The construction video helps keep projects on schedule and enables executives to make better decisions about what’s actually happening on the job site. Modern time lapse cameras also provide stunning HD visuals throughout the development.

Construction time lapse videos are an excellent marketing tool for construction companies to showcase their projects. They are a visually engaging way to connect with clients and other interested parties. Time lapse photography can be shared across multiple platforms, including your website and social media channels.

In addition remote video monitoring can help increase security and reduce criminal loss and damage. Live operators can activate speakers to deter trespassers and call police if they see suspicious behavior.

Remote surveillance services enhance project management. They enable construction managers to compare a project’s progress each day, create construction time lapse videos, and view the camera feed away from the job site live via an Internet-connected computer, laptop, or smartphone.

How does construction time lapse video work?

Time lapse cameras are mounted on neighboring buildings or other vantage points to obtain the best aerial shot of a project. UCIT’s time lapse video service provides additional benefits.

  • Construction time lapse video cameras are serviced to help maintain top video quality.
  • A custom branded web link can be viewed live for the duration of the construction project.
  • Daylight snapshots are taken every 10 minutes, edited, and saved to a server for customer viewing.

At the end of the project, the time lapse video will be an excellent marketing tool to showcase the realization of the construction project.

Construction time lapse cameras watch every step of property development, whether it’s a shopping plaza, office building, multifamily community, car dealership, or industrial site.

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