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How to Protect Your Dealership and Customers from Hackers, Identity Theft and Fraud

Posted by Jeff Purtell on Nov 3, 2021

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In 2012, nine information brokers generated $426 million simply by selling customer data. They did it by using various risk mitigation, marketing and people search products. Now, granted, this was nearly a decade ago, but the threat of identity theft is just as prevalent today.

How Can Identity Theft Have Long-Term Impacts on Your Dealership?

What effect are cybercriminals really having on dealerships? A recent survey by a New York City auditing firm discovered that nearly 84% of consumers will not return to buy another vehicle from a dealership after their data has been stolen. That same survey also found that 70 percent of dealers are not current on their anti-virus software.

None of this has to happen to your dealership or your customers. There are practices and precautions you can take to help ensure your information stays safe and secure. How? Download “Information Risk Management” and learn more.

Digital and Physical Security Solutions

There’s a lot at stake if your dealership’s security isn’t up to par. We’ll share how you can protect both digital databases and physical forms from getting hacked. Plus, you will learn some tips to help your employees spot an identity thief, so your dealership won’t be taken advantage of.

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