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Meet Stealth at NAA Apartmentalize 2021!

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Prior to 2020, the multifamily industry was making a somewhat slow digital transformation. Today, that effort has been kicked into high gear. Multifamily property managers are adding new technology tools to gain insight into operations, conduct virtual tours, create contactless communities, collect rent, market their properties and much more.

These technological advancements have answered the need for more flexibility and convenience for property management teams. However, one question still remains: if technology makes things more efficient, reliable and often more cost-effective, why are so many communities still relying on outdated security solutions?

The Live Video Monitoring Difference

As technology continues to advance, more multifamily communities are augmenting or replacing traditional security guards with live remote video monitoring. Remote video monitoring is the ability to view onsite security cameras and other related equipment off-site.

At Stealth, we leverage state-of-the-art video technology, advanced analytics, and human intelligence to help identify and deter crime before it happens. We can cover more ground than an onsite guard or patrol while saving you up to 60 percent on your security spend.

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