Prevent Copper Theft With Proper Security

Posted by Amy Hite on February 17, 2015

When people think of metals, most likely their thoughts would be gold, silver, or platinum. But it is copper theft that's been on the rise.

Why Copper Theft?

Copper is used in everything, from wiring and electronics to the manufacture of hundreds of different goods. In 2012 the price of copper leaped up over 400 percent, and it has remained an expensive commodity ever since. Because of the scrap cost copper has made an attractive target for thieves, and it's become a liability for companies who need to keep bulk copper on hand.

Preventing Copper Theft

Businesses who want to protect their copper have taken a lot of different steps to make sure they aren't the victims of theft. The most common step is access control (locking up copper so that people can't just walk by and take it), but many companies are also instituting security cameras, security guards, and video systems where copper is being stored or used in HVAC systems on roofs or the grounds of shopping centers, offices, and warehouses. Even with these security measures, copper theft still is common. A more effective solution uses live monitoring where operators can watch cameras, activate audible alarms, and call police when intruders are seen.

Public Awareness

One of the biggest blows to copper theft as a crime is that it has become more of a public issue. Reputable scrap dealers ask for papers and documentation before they'll take copper scrap, and those who claim the money have to provide an ID so there's a record of who sold the copper. This amount of scrutiny makes it more difficult to sell copper that's been stolen. Combining enhanced security measures makes copper harder to steal in the first place. The chances of the crime happening becomes much less.

Taking the right security precautions can cut the risk for a company, store, or job site. If you'd like to talk to experts about making sure you aren't a victim of copper theft then simply contact Stealth Monitoring today!

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