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Rash of Bicycle Shop Break-ins in Little Rock, Ark.

Posted by Rick Charney on Jan 26, 2015

Professional criminals will always find new ways to compromise surveillance systems. Using cameras, monitors and sensors alone do not always provide proper security and protection from break-ins, as the following story from KTHV TV reports.

The store owners installed surveillance equipment that did not, as you will read below, deter the burglars.

There was a rash of several bicycle shop break-ins in Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas. One of the stores caught the suspect on camera busting down the front door. Another owner with a surveillance camera reported a rock being thrown through his front door. The suspect broke in and walked out with a bike. The perpetrator was not apprehended.

Because many windows are smashed on impulse, the business should minimize the chance of loss. If possible, remove attractive and expensive merchandise from the window at night.

The store owners also installed trigger-based motion sensors to their front doors that would immediately set off an alarm if anything struck it. One of the store managers said “there’s nothing you can do to stop it, all you can do it watch the break-in happen.”

At one location, there were four road bikes stolen with an approximate value around $9,000.

Keep in mind that some stores can be in a high-risk location. If these areas have a reputation for crime night after night, precautions need to be taken to protect the property.

Bicycle shops in shipping centers and strip malls, like other office, retail, industrial, and warehouse properties, should take effective security measures to deter and prevent crime like these break-ins. Trigger-based alarms, such as those in the bike shops, can result in as many as 95% false dispatches. Stealth Monitoring trained operators can see and report suspicious activity in parking lots and shopping center entry points before thieves reach individual businesses and ever break-in. For additional information click here .