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Real Time Monitoring for Small Towns

Posted by Amy Hite on Feb 9, 2015

Many things have changed in Shelly’s small town over the years. She remembers days when she didn’t know anyone or any business in town who didn’t leave the front door unlocked. The small town has always been a wonderful place to raise children and community oriented with no serious crime. As the owner of a business, Shelly feels her town is relatively safe in comparison to many major cities. She knows that she’s been lucky.

She also knows that the strip center just down the street seems to have crime problems every few months. The local mall is experiencing its share of problems as well.

The Dilemma

Small towns were for years hubs for honest, law-abiding people with traditional values. But they’re now becoming more volatile to crime and theft. Owners of shopping centers, apartment complexes, self storage businesses, and car dealerships are more concerned about security.

Small towns tend to have more than their fair share of unmarked and unlit streets, rooftops and deserted alleys. The costs of operation and maintenance are key factors in relocating to smaller towns. The cost of security must be considered as well. Hiring security guards could be financially out of the question for the average small town and business owner. Small towns are concerned about keeping a safe environment for both new companies and expanding current businesses.

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