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Security Evolves With Live Video Monitoring

Posted by Amy Hite on Dec 15, 2014

Inside Self Storage wrote about Stealth Monitoring in “Self-Storage Security Evolves With Live-Video Monitoring”. Here is an excerpt.

Over the past few years, surveillance cameras have evolved from simple recording devices into powerful business and crime-fighting assets. High-quality, Internet protocol (IP) cameras watched remotely by in real time have become a must-have for self-storage operators seeking to reduce operational headaches and protect tenants’ belongings. In fact, live-video monitoring is forcing facility owners to rethink their business model and view their operation from an entirely new perspective.

The Problem With Analog

Traditional analog cameras once dominated the security market, but they’re quickly being replaced by IP cameras. Not only do analog cameras come with cloudy image quality and hefty costs, their maintenance is time-consuming and labor-intensive because remote troubleshooting isn’t possible. All service issues must be diagnosed and solved by a qualified technician during a physical site visit.

IP cameras, on the other hand, have image quality that can be six to 20 times clearer, depending on the number of megapixels. Monitoring companies almost exclusively use IP cameras because they require a higher-quality picture to see more details and increase the effectiveness of their service. They can also log into an IP-camera system remotely to resolve 50 percent of problems that arise, thus reducing onsite maintenance and saving camera owners money.

The Future of Video

As some self-storage operators move toward a full property automation—with a kiosk that dispenses locks, opens gates and handles customer transactions—a live-video monitoring service can keep an eye on the property and ensure protocol alignment. As long as clear procedures are established and a user-friendly interface built into the kiosk, a younger generation of customers will appreciate the technology while storage owners will see a positive impact on their bottom line.

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