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Self-Installation Mistakes with Outdoor Security Cameras

Posted by Amy Hite on Oct 18, 2017

Commercial businesses such as car dealerships, mutlifamily apartments, office spaces, and industrial parks constantly utilize outdoor security cameras. Many property owners and property managers purchase and install their own surveillance cameras to protect their outdoor assets, employees, and the property itself. In the short term, it may seem like a viable solution. However, there are several shortcomings when property managers decide to install and monitor their own security camera system.

4 Self-Installation Mistakes with Outdoor Security Cameras


Some customers have unrealistic expectations for their surveillance cameras. What is your objective for your outdoor security cameras? Will you need to identify a suspect’s face with surveillance video? Is this camera for general security coverage or to see license plates? One security camera cannot perform all of these tasks adequately at the same time. A better alternative is to have multiple surveillance cameras with different objectives. This action can help produce better quality security video.

Surveillance Camera Height

Many property managers and owners want to place outdoor security cameras at the highest point possible. They believe that the highest placement will lead to a wider field of view. There is a negative aspect to that way of thinking. Surveillance cameras placed at the highest point are not able to provide high-quality security video for identification.

PTZ Surveillance Cameras

Many people are excited by a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera’s capabilities. They are able to move the surveillance camera around and focus on different areas of a property. Unfortunately, many PTZ camera users forget to move their outdoor security cameras back to the home position. As a result, the outdoor security camera may focus on a low priority area. One recommendation is to have a dedicated PTZ surveillance camera operator. The trained security operator can scan an area and return it back to the dedicated home position.


Lighting is a security solution that is constantly overlooked. Outdoor security cameras need sufficient lighting conditions to capture quality surveillance video. It’s very apparent with nighttime security. Sometimes, customers place their outdoor security cameras too close to bright lights. It overexposes the surveillance video and as a result, the security video is not usable.

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