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Stealth Monitoring Deters Copper Thefts

Posted by Amy Hite on Dec 13, 2011

As published in the last issue of D Magazine, Marshall Mills, the president and COO of The Weitzman Group and Cencor Realty Services, discussed his experience with using Stealth Monitoring technology to improve security. At one of Cencor’s North Dallas retail properties, a man set a ladder against the back wall of the center in order to steal copper tubing and strip the AC units of their valuable parts.

Luckily, the Stealth Monitoring system caught this thief in the act, using 24-hour live video surveillance before any damage was done. With copper theft on the rise, businesses need to deter and reduce crime actively, instead of only responding to criminal acts. Using a high tech solution of streaming video, motion detection and video analytics with the experience and skills of live trained operators, Stealth Monitoring is the most advanced monitoring service on the market today.

As Mr. Mills stated in his article, “Because of the live surveillance, false alarms under this new system are rare. Stealth will dispatch police when illegal activity shows up on their monitors, and police are able to respond quickly—not after the fact.”

Be very aware of criminals who will stop at nothing to strip down your business, property or even churches. In early December of this year, copper thieves did $10,000 dollars in damage to The Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in San Diego. In Baltimore thieves are stealing entire copper gutters. In Lexington, KY thieves have been stealing copper highway lights, over 12,000 feet of wire was taken earlier this month. It is time to do a review of the security measures for your property or business. Call Stealth Monitoring today for more information at 1-855-STEALTH (783-2584).