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Top Construction Site Crime Prevention Techniques

Posted by Steve Mansell on Mar 20, 2018

Construction sites are often targeted for their equipment and materials. Thieves take advantage of the open space and expensive inventory. Because every site is different, crime prevention tactics must be just as unique.

A California police department published a series of tips that can help minimize thefts at a construction site. Following and implementing these tactics will go a long way in helping to decrease loss in both equipment and time, as well as operational expenses.

Construction Crime Prevention Techniques

Designate a Crime Prevention Coordinator

A project manager or construction management company should designate an employee as the crime prevention coordinator. This person should have management-level communication skills and mobility throughout the construction site. If there are any losses, the coordinator should be immediately notified. This individual should serve as the liaison with a third-party security company or local police force.

Identify Supplies and Equipment

Equipment and supplies should be identified and recorded as frequently as possible. A company ID numbering system can be developed to help organize the process. When not in use, supplies and equipment can be stored in a designated area. Because not all construction site thefts are committed by outside thieves, gang boxes and supply sheds should be locked at all times. You may consider instituting a “check in and check out” system.

Add Lighting

Lighting is an effective physical deterrent against construction theft and vandalism. Additional lighting can be placed near access points or where equipment and supplies are stored. Vandals and thieves want to avoid being seen and use the cover of night to hide their activities. Additional lighting removes this possibility.

Hire a Video Monitoring Service

It is important for a construction site to collaborate with a credible security company that understands its unique challenges. Trained construction site security operators can watch multiple areas of a construction site simultaneously, in real time, via strategically-placed surveillance cameras. If they see something suspicious, they can activate an on-site speaker to let the intruders know they are being watched. If the suspects remain on the property or if the situation escalates, the video monitoring operator can call the crime prevention coordinator and local police.

To learn more about how remote video surveillance can help protect your construction site, call toll-free (866-756-7847) or contact UCIT.