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How Video Analytics Software Can Increase Property Security

Posted by Amy Hite on Dec 20, 2016

What is video analytics software?

Video analytics software helps security operators analyze live surveillance video from analog and IP security cameras. This software enables control center operators to better identify threats when managing a large number of video surveillance cameras. Analytics software can augment security systems at shopping centers, multifamily apartment complexes, car dealerships, industrial properties, and other commercial properties.

How does video analytics work?

Video analytics software can be found in the security camera itself, the NVR, or third party software. Video analytics enhances the process of real-time surveillance. A live monitoring surveillance service provider can define the rules, filters, and algorithms used in video software that alerts operators to certain activity.

With object classification video analytics are able to identify potential threats. The software can differentiate between a moving tree branch versus a trespasser. It can also filter certain mobile elements such as a shaking fence, shadows and car lights, minimizing false alarms.

What are the benefits of video analytics software?

Video analytics has a variety of different benefits. These includes

  • Motion detection
  • Human presence detection
  • Tracking people or vehicles
  • Facial recognition
  • License plate reading

Video analytics software can be customized to best fit the needs of a commercial property. It is also important to note the environment may need to be optimized to realize these benefits. For example, optimal camera position and lighting can impact the quality of the surveillance video. Better quality video will yield more reliable identification of trespassers and criminal activity.

A brief history of video analytics

Video surveillance historically meant an on-duty security guard watched surveillance cameras live from a dedicated room at a property. As the number of monitoring cameras increased, their ability to watch all of them effectively decreased. A security guard on duty may have their attention on one monitor while suspicious activity occurs in a different area. Another inefficiency is different security guards have different levels of focus and different standards for suspicious activity.

Modern video surveillance with video analytics software is based on the security guard design without the inefficiencies. Using a combination of algorithms, video analytics analyzes video in real time to alert a trained surveillance monitor. A commercial security operator may only see the full high resolution video feed if something is happening. Video surveillance dashboards can help monitor many commercial sites from a central control room. A security video dashboard gives monitors an enterprise-wide view of video system statuses and maintenance issues across each location, from one screen. They can now better identify security, safety and maintenance problems, and respond according to the severity.

Stealth Monitoring is the leader in live video surveillance in the U.S. and Canada with over 500 employees, 15 offices, and 3 redundant live control centers with advanced video analytics software. Stealth proactive video monitoring watches over 20,000 cameras and can detect and deter crime in the U.S. nationwide while reducing security guard and other expenses. Stealth’s virtual security guard service can reduce or even replace security guards at a fraction of the cost. A remote surveillance Stealth operator can see unusual activity, activate a speaker warning, and call the local police.