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Video camera didn’t help dealership: 5 cars stolen

Posted by Norm Charney on Mar 12, 2015

A man took advantage of the dark of pre-dawn on New Year’s Eve 2014 to break into a car dealership. The video cameras that the dealership uses for surveillance and crime prevention weren’t enough to stop the intruder from stealing not one, not two, but five vehicles.

Employees arrived for work at the Corpus Christi car dealership that morning to find the keys missing and the cars vanished. The thief is still unidentified.

Reports describe the suspect as a man about 40-years old with medium-brown skin. He stands about five-foot 10, weighs about 190 pounds, had a goatee and wore a dark gray hoodie with yellow letters, blue jeans and black shoes. That depiction of the individual describes thousands of people in Texas.

The police received from the dealership a video with a clear image of the suspect. But months later, the man’s identity is still unknown, and the cars stolen are still not recovered. As time lapses, the likelihood that the suspect will ever be apprehended dims. And it’s even less likely that the vehicles that disappeared on New Year’s Eve will ever return to the Corpus Christi dealership.

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