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Video – Houston Shopping Center Trespasser Arrested — Security

Posted by Rick Charney on Dec 4, 2015

Do you know what’s happening at your Houston shopping center? At 11:21pm Stealth Monitoring operators observed a shopping center trespasser. He proceeded to the rear of the property and sat down in a secluded corner behind a store. Stealth activated a warning speaker. Stealth called the local Houston police when the trespasser ignored the warning. The police arrived and arrested the trespasser after a search of the individual and his belongings.

Loitering is not a serious offense. However it’s rarely an innocent or isolated incident. Squatting trespassers like in this video can stay on your property for hours, engaging in illegal behavior from drug use to property vandalism and damage. They often get arrested or may have a criminal history. Shopping center trespassers can become repeat visitors who bring others once your property becomes known as an easy target with no security.

Commercial property can be difficult to protect when the site encompasses a lot of space and multiple buildings that can be attractive to thieves, drug users, and shopping center trespassers. Copper theft from HVAC units can result in unhappy tenants and cost owners thousands of dollars to replace even after insurance claims.

Retail stores are prone to break-ins, including ATM smash and grabs. Vandals in back alleys can get less visible access to stores, as well as engage in drug using, spray painting, loitering, skateboarding, dumpster diving and shopping center trespassing.

Stealth Monitoring is a leader in proactive live surveillance with over 9,000 video cameras watched nationwide. Real-time video monitoring can detect and deter crime in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and other cities in Texas and the U.S. while reducing security guard and other expenses. A Stealth operator can see unusual activity like shopping center trespassers, activate a speaker warning to deter the thieves, and call the local police.

Please contact Stealth today for more information to protect your shopping center. Visit our web site to see actual videos of criminals being apprehended at Houston and other shopping centers, as well as car dealerships, apartment complexes, office buildings, warehouses, and other businesses.