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Video — Leaping Fitness Center Burglar — Shopping Center Security

Posted by Rick Charney on Aug 17, 2015

This athletic criminal clearly doesn’t need the services of the fitness center he was breaking into. Unfortunately for him he couldn’t run fast enough to outrace the police called by Stealth’s trained operators.

Our Catch of the Month Video features an apprehension guest-narrated by Ms. Carla Gilbert, retail property manager for Sabre Realty.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Leaping Fitness Center Burglar

Here is Ms. Gilbert’s personal message.

“Hi, I’m Carla Gilbert, retail property manager for Sabre Realty, a full service commercial real estate and development company with over 50 years of history. Stealth Monitoring watches 4 of our properties, including the Dallas, Texas shopping center featured in this real crime video. Stealth has been vital in reducing security guard expenses and deterring and limiting crime. At this location alone in the past year, Stealth has reported 21 incidents, dispatched the police 15 times, and led to the apprehension of 2 people, including this criminal. In addition, Stealth activates speakers warning unwanted trespassers that they are being watched every week.”

“At 2:38 AM Stealth operators observed a car driving in the back of our property on multiple cameras. The driver parked next to the building. He made a great leap, caught the ladder, and climbed to the roof.”

“Stealth activated the speaker and dispatched police within seconds. The trespasser did not leave after the audible alarm. But the police were on their way.

The criminal walked on the roof to a large fitness center to gain access to the business below. Then he noticed that the police had arrived. He climbed down and ran away. But he was too late. The police quickly caught and apprehended him.”

“The fitness center reported that while the perpetrator opened the roof hatch, he did not get a chance to actually enter the store. Stealth Monitoring prevented this crime from resulting in damage and loss to my shopping center and tenant. The man was arrested. A tow truck later arrived to remove his car.”

“Stealth has deterred crime numerous times on our properties and we continue to be long term partners to improve the overall shopping experience.”

Watch: Stealth Monitoring operators observe an individual leap to the roof of a shopping center. He attempts to break into the fitness center. The video is narrated by the Property Manager Carla from Sabre Realty.

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