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Featured Video: Shopping Center Cameras Catch Dancing Trespasser

Posted by Rick Charney on Jan 27, 2016

At 6:23am Modesto, California shopping center cameras caught a trespasser walking behind a mall. The man began to act wildly, as if he was dancing. A Stealth Monitoring operator called the local police. When the police car arrived the man immediately put his hands up, leaned against the mall wall, and lowered to his knees. The Modesto police took the dancing trespasser in custody.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Shopping Center Cameras Catch Dancing Trespasser

Unauthorized visitors can include vagrants, trespassers, homeless people, and bored teens. They can pose significant problems for commercial real estate owners that don’t have shopping center cameras or managers on-site late at night and weekends. Trespassers can leave trash, damage and deface landscape and buildings, and engage in illegal drug activities. More serious criminals can break into stores and the roof and steal store money and goods and building and HVAC copper.

There are many places to hide at a shopping center – parking lots, parking garages, loading docks, dumpsters, and back alleys. Without shopping center cameras and live monitoring, you don’t know what’s going on at your property. You have no way to discourage, much less deter, trespassers, criminals, and thieves.

Stealth Monitoring supplies high resolution IP megapixel models for sites that need shopping center cameras in addition to live monitoring. These cameras provide excellent vision in both day and nighttime conditions. Stealth specializes in turnkey security solutions, including the design, installation and support of video surveillance systems and services.

Stealth Monitoring is a leader in proactive live surveillance and shopping center cameras with over 9,000 video cameras watched nationwide. Real-time video monitoring can detect and deter crime in California and other states in the U.S. while reducing security guard and other expenses. A Stealth operator can see unusual activity from trespassers to thieves, activate a speaker warning, and call the local police.

Please contact Stealth today for more information on shopping center cameras and surveillance. Visit our web site to see videos of apprehensions at shopping centers and other businesses.