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Who’s Watching Your Cameras?

Posted by Amy Hite on May 17, 2015

Congratulations if you’ve already bought video cameras. Video surveillance is an important first step to protect your property. Are you maximizing their use as part of a full security solution? Recorded video only documents thefts and damage after the fact. It can’t be used to identify masked and hooded individuals. It does little to deter crimes in progress. If no one is monitoring your surveillance system, your cameras might as well be pieces of expensive furniture.

Security guards can watch cameras late at night and weekends when you’re closed. But a guard is expensive and can only watch a few cameras at a time.

Instead leverage your cameras with proactive live video monitoring from Stealth Monitoring. We can both integrate your existing cameras and add additional high-resolution megapixel IP cameras. We can consult with you to design a full network for optimal property coverage, including entrances, gates, fences, parking lots, roofs, and buildings. Whether we use your cameras, our cameras, or both, our trained monitoring staff can watch your assets and property when you’re not there.

Stealth operators can activate speaker alarms and call the police when they see intruders … often before they cause any vandalism or theft. Plus the Stealth monitoring service is significantly less expensive than a full-time security guard.

Contact Stealth now to protect both your camera network investment and your property. Visit our web site and see actual video of criminals being apprehended.