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Breaking and Entering into Shopping Center Storefront

Posted by Rick Charney on Jul 13, 2022

Shopping centers present a wide range of security challenges. From break-ins and vandalism to loitering and violent crimes, their concerns are as varied as the customers who patronize their property’s businesses. As a result, shopping and retail centers need a customized solution to help address these issues.


In this video, a Stealth Monitoring security professional saw someone trying to open the front door of a shop in a retail center around 6:15 in the morning. Our operator activated the on-site speaker to let the subject know he was being watched. However, he ignored the warning. The individual paced around the front of the center then returned to the door and entered the store.

Our monitoring operator continued to watch the situation and called police. Officers were at the property moments later. They located the suspect inside the store and instructed him to exit. The trespasser was promptly arrested.

Help Deter Suspicious Behavior Before It Becomes Costly

Because retail centers are open to everyone, they can sometimes attract the wrong people. That makes it imperative for property owners and operators to implement effective and robust security measures that can help preserve the property’s reputation and its tenants’ business operations.

The best way to help keep both of those intact is to prevent damage and loss from happening in the first place. In order to do that, you must be able to identify suspicious activity as soon as possible. Live video monitoring is a proactive security solution designed to help deter and reduce crimes in progress.

Trained security professionals monitor live surveillance cameras equipped with advanced video analytics. When unwanted activity is spotted, the monitoring operators can jump into action. In the video above, our operator activated an on-site speaker warning to let the trespasser know he was being watched. When that warning was ignored, our operator called police.

Knowing we were watching a crime in progress, the dispatcher quickly sent officers to the scene. Because our monitoring operator had given police a description and location of the suspect, they knew right where to find him and made a quick arrest.

By investing in the right technology and security, you can help keep your property safe and secure. Want to learn more? Contact us.