Stealth Monitoring Designs, Installs, Services, And Live-monitors Security Solutions Across North America.

Traditional security systems are reactive. They typically wait for a trigger to sound an alarm and alert the police AFTER criminals are already on your property. This often results in false calls, delayed police response time, and a greater opportunity for criminals to get away.

Stealth Monitoring takes a proactive approach with live monitoring and surveillance. Our highly trained staff monitor key areas of your property to help prevent crimes before they happen. We don’t wait for alarms. We watch for and evaluate suspicious activity in real time. Our trained operators activate speakers at unwanted trespassers who typically go running off your property, since they are unaware they are being watched! We call police with live reports on criminals often BEFORE they break in or do damage.

Tired of doing your own video searches? Stealth has a department that reviews all relevant cameras to provide a concise summary of what happened on camera with related police report data, if available. Stealth’s video review department helps save clients time and money by providing customized reporting to help deliver video evidence.

Key Benefits Of Video Monitoring Include:

Save Money

Typically 25-60% less than security guards

One Low Monthly Fee

No upfront or hidden costs

Never Sleeps

We never take a break from monitoring your site

Cover Many Areas

Simultaneous views at any time


Records Activities 24/7

Provides video evidence to help document incidents

Cannot Be Intimidated

Helps ensure the safety of your staff

Quicker Police Response Times

Verified crimes in progress mean quicker police response time

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Live Video
Monitoring Solutions

Many businesses rely on security guards to monitor their property. However, they cannot be everywhere at the same time and can only watch one thing at a time. Remote video monitoring provides better coverage without putting anyone in danger, since the surveillance is done remotely.

Our Stealth security specialists will customize a system that best fits your needs, based on your situation, industry, and objectives. We leverage a full spectrum of technology solutions to help you with your complex business problems.

When you partner with Stealth, you get a team of experts using innovative technology protecting your assets. As part of our world-class solution, you also benefit from services and apps that support your business, including:

Video review services
Stealth’s Video Review department is available to you at your convenience to search for video evidence of incidents.

Remote maintenance
We can often identify, diagnose and repair technical problems remotely without your even knowing an issue has occurred.

IT services for remote support
Stealth’s IT staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide comprehensive training to your team, so you are completely familiar with the use of your surveillance system.

Go-live reporting
Stealth provides day and night shots for your review when your account goes live to identify areas where lighting insufficiency may exist.

Consulting and advisory services
Experienced Stealth Monitoring employees can help you design a solution to reduce and deter crime.

Audio deterrent
Stealth supervisors activate audio speakers, if installed, to deter criminals before they damage property.

Security partnership
We work alongside local police, your guards or staff to optimize the performance of your entire security solution. Stealth’s police committee helps facilitate these important relationships.

Incident reports
Stealth delivers reports and video clips of incidents that occur on your property during monitoring hours.

Incident backup
We will produce, store and deliver your high-quality incident video content indefinitely as long as you are our customer. Footage can also be beneficial for prosecution or insurance purposes.

Full-time project management
Stealth employees customize and manage each camera installation to fit your needs.

Video archive
Recorded video is backed up and stored for specified amounts of time for future retrieval.

Expiring video hyperlinks
Your team will have access to video events, but we limit the lifetime of the links to comply with risk and legal requirements. However, we can re-enable the same link should you need it.

Management reporting
Stealth Monitoring will proactively show you the results of all the activity going on at your property.

Key Advantages of Using Analytics

  • Help reduce overall security costs by reducing or eliminating guard costs
  • Potentially reduce video monitoring costs by lowering the number of false alarms generated
  • Optimize operational processes by creating customized rules and scripts
  • Stop threats in advance using directional, object tracking and loitering analytics
  • Minimize investigation time with a centralized, searchable database
  • Simple installation and no need for additional hardware
  • Improve compliance requirements with advanced project management reports
  • Increase ROI using additional reporting data to improve marketing strategies

Advanced Video Analytics

Video analytics makes it possible to automatically filter video and detect specific activities without human intervention. When a defined event is detected, like a person approaching a fence or a vehicle stopping in a vacant parking lot, a security operator is notified. This type of capability can drastically reduce the workload of security staff, lower network bandwidth and storage requirements, and enable searches for relevant recordings to be made very quickly.

Customized Solutions

Whether for security or operational purposes, video analytics can be customized to solve unique and complex business problems. Retailers may be concerned with people counting and traffic patterns within stores, while energy or manufacturing companies may want analytics tied into heat sensors, and industrial yards simply want to eliminate after-hours trespassers.

Over the past several years, there have been tremendous improvements in the quality of available video analytics. Stealth’s in-house team of computer programmers works with our research and development team at Stealth Labs to integrate the industry’s latest advanced analytics to help enhance our solutions, stay on the leading-edge of the latest technology and better serve our customers.

Types of Video Analytics

Object-detection analytics can identify and track individual objects including humans and vehicles.

  • Alerts operators when a human or vehicle enters a predefined area
  • Tracks objects left behind or removed from a scene
  • Identifies the direction of travel to catch vehicles driving in the wrong direction or people entering through an exit

Counting analytics automatically counts the number of objects in a scene.

  • Can differentiate between people, vehicles, and other objects
  • Separately tracks foot traffic entering and exiting an area
  • Able to produce customized reports on people or vehicle traffic over time

Demographic analytics captures information regarding the characteristics of people in a scene.

  • Estimates age and gender with high level of accuracy
  • Able to produce customized reports regarding visitor demographics
  • Can be combined with other analytics technology
Camera Technology Deployed with Live Video Monitoring

License Plate Recognition

Stealth’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) Camera is designed to capture the license plates of moving vehicles traveling up to 25 miles (40km) per hour, with an accuracy level of 96%. Our LPR camera is perfect for the driveways and entrance-ways of any facility. With built-in IR and low light performance down to 0.002 lux, the camera can capture license plates in even the darkest environments.

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Long-Range Cameras

Our long-range camera system lets you see clear video from hundreds of feet away. They work in extreme temperatures, covering areas between 125 feet up to 250 feet away from the igloo and feature excellent HD day- and night-vision capabilities.

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Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras are an ideal choice for monitoring difficult or large outdoor environments, like perimeters, where lighting is minimal. Because they sense objects based on the heat they radiate, they can see things that the human eye and standard cameras cannot, providing clear images in daylight, darkness, shadows and inclement weather.

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Proprietary Apps

Camera Health Monitoring

We built a tool that allows our analyst team to detect device issues. Whether a camera goes out or an NVR goes offline, we are able to gather that information systematically and then enable our service teams to be able to triage that issue through a scalable process. The outage of a camera to a client is a risk for them and any environmental changes (tree gets in the way of a wireless backbone device) are the key types of needs this solution can help us solve.

Protocol System

We have a full featured protocol system that allows us to track visual and data elements about our client sites. While the people we are asked to call can be tracked in a specific batting order, that is separate information than the folks that don’t need to be near the asset to receive incident reports. Meanwhile, keeping visual maps, standard monitoring hours, guard hours, cleaning company schedule dates of service or special notes on an account (construction workers will be on site this weekend fixing the roof) are all types of information that our protocol system handles at scale.

Service System

We use this system to handle ordinary service items. They can come in from customers, from our internal resources or from our healthcheck tools. The system helps track the progress, the activity made and escalates the tickets according to the business process. Whether a client has full warranty with us or is on time and materials, this system is used to track the activity and move the issue towards resolve.

Stealth Flex Rental Program

Stealth Flex is an alternate rental option that lets customers maximize their security investment with no up-front cost. All fees are rolled into a monthly bill that includes all maintenance and support. For this rental option, we charge one flat rate up-front to complete an on-site security assessment and to set up our services, then one simple monthly payment that covers all your security needs. - That's it, no surprises! Stealth Flex also includes a full system warranty, system health checks and the power of our video reviews. To learn more about Stealth Flex, contact us today!

*Stealth Flex requires a minimum 36-month term.

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