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Construction Trespasser Tries Disguise, Ends Up In Custody

Posted by Steve Mansell on Nov 8, 2022

You have to hand it to them- thieves can occasionally be creative in their attempts. This is not one of those occasions, however. Many thieves and trespassers have disguised themselves as construction workers in order to gain access to a site. See what happened when this attempt was caught on camera: 

At roughly midnight, an alert Stealth security operator spotted an individual riding a bicycle along the fence area of a Toronto construction site. As the operator observed, the individual parked their bike against the fencing, removed a backpack they’d been carrying, and retrieved a reflective vest from inside. The individual put on the vest and entered the jobsite. Stealth’s security professional followed site protocols, initially attempting to contact on-site security. When that attempt was unsuccessful, they contacted local law enforcement.  

After providing dispatch with the trespasser’s description, activity, and real-time location information, police arrived on the site shortly after. Ultimately, the suspect was captured by responding officers and taken into custody.  

Help Deter Criminal Activity at Your Jobsites with Proactive Security 

Rising materials prices, the value in stolen metals, and expensive tools or equipment are all draws for trespassing and theft at construction sites 

Remote video monitoring can help secure both your jobsites’ materials and assets as well as help to mitigate liabilities. Just as in the video above, with a security solution that combines both analytics-based technology and human intelligence, suspicious activity can be flagged and responded to quickly, and before significant damages or theft can occur.  

Trained security professionals monitor strategically placed and customized camera feeds, and when something suspicious or unusual is observed, can act. Law enforcement often arrives on time to arrest or remove unwanted individuals while they’re still on site. 

To learn more about how our proactive security solution can help keep your jobsites secure, contact us for additional details.