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Dealership Tire Thief Caught in the Act

Posted by Amy Hite on Dec 9, 2022

Whether it’s parts and accessories or the vehicles themselves, auto dealerships and service lanes have a variety of valuable assets that thieves find irresistible.  

In this Arrest of the Month video, an intruder and apparent tire thief boldly made a grab for the tires from an inventory vehicle. Unfortunately for them, Stealth was watching.  

Late at night, a Stealth security professional sees an intruder in a pickup truck pull into the dealership lot of a monitoring client. Audible alarms were immediately activated when the truck parked next to an inventory vehicle, but the intruder ignored the warning and proceeded to quickly begin removing the tires from it. Police were then contacted and dispatched to the property right away, able to arrive on site while the theft was still in progress and arrest the thief.  

Help Resolve Unique Security Challenges with a Proactive Solution 

Tires, catalytic converters, expensive electronic equipment, even just the hub caps, or the entire vehicle- all are seen as an opportunity to make some quick cash by thieves. Damaged inventory is a major headache and lost or stolen parts and vehicles are equally problematic. 

Auto dealerships need a more proactive security solution. Going beyond traditional security measures, live video monitoring uses a combination of cutting-edge analytics-based cameras and the human intelligence of trained security professionals to watch for suspicious activity on your property in real time.  

These trained security professionals monitor feeds from cameras placed strategically throughout your property and can respond quickly when they spot anything unusual or out of place. When our operators contact local law enforcement, call priority is typically elevated thanks to our ability to provide police dispatch with real-time activity. Just as in the case above, officers often arrive on site while the suspect is still in the area and can disperse and resolve the issue right away. 

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