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Early Morning Gatecrashers Sneak into Construction Site, Get Tossed

Posted by Steve Mansell on Sep 27, 2022

It’s hard to imagine any reasonable explanation for these two early AM construction site explorers to be squeezing through fences to access a jobsite. Apparently local law enforcement agreed. 

Around 4:15 in the predawn hours, a Stealth security operator noticed suspicious activity on a construction site’s feed. The alarm speakers were immediately sounded, but the two gatecrashers carried on, entering the active construction site by squeezing through the fencing and sneaking into the building via the back door.  

The alert operator contacted local police and provided dispatch with a description and location of the two suspects. Just minutes later, police can be seen arriving and arresting the two individuals, taking them into custody. 

Remote Video Monitoring Helps Proactively Protect Your Jobsite from Trespassers 

From risk of theft and vandalism to liability issues stemming from risk of injury or worse, construction sites present a myriad of security hot spots.  

Thieves consider the open spaces little challenge. They’ll hop fences, squeeze through them- as witnessed above- or make quick work of locks and other barriers to attempt to gain access to high-value targets like materials, tools, and equipment.  

When you’re responsible for budgeting and timelines associated with a construction project, you know that any of these security concerns can become a major setback when things go awry.  

It’s imperative that a jobsite is as secure as possible, and remote video monitoring is a security solution that can help. With analytics-based surveillance cameras placed strategically throughout a jobsite that can be moved as the job progresses, combined with the human intelligence of trained security professionals monitoring feeds and watching for suspicious activity, our solution can work quickly to help deter crime and damages. 

As you saw in the video above, our security operator acted quickly to get local authorities involved when they saw that the jobsite had been accessed, and police were able to arrive before the suspects could flee the area. Arresting the two gatecrashers before they could do damage to the site or themselves means timelines can remain unaffected. 

Would you like to learn more about our cost-effective, proactive security solutions and how they can help keep your jobsites as secure as possible? Contact us for details.